What is Favola Bella?

Welcome to a world of wonderful creations!
This is where your shoes meet my imagination and become
One of a kind pieces of ART!
With your ideas and my paint brushes we can really make something new.
I love getting close to the people I work with on each shoe.
Some want a shoe that tells who they are and what they love.
Some have that overly loved old pair that are worn out and want to be brought back to life!
So they send me them and I paint some new life back into them and give them a face lift.
Upcycling shoes can be really fun and come out better than you could ever imagine.
Then I do baby shoes for baby shower gifts and keep sakes.
There are many ways to use this art form and make it your own.
Some give me full freedom on design and I just go for it.
I ask questions and get to know them a little to feel out what they would enjoy.
Others are very sure of what they want down to the colors and the design.
Either way this is an adventure that is just waiting for you to try it out!
Spread the word and check out the portfolio on this blog.
Email me with questions or custom orders
Check out my Etsy store for already made shoes ready to ship
Enjoy and Love who you are!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Zombie Swallows anyone?

I love being able to create shoes for  all types and kinds of people. Showing off your individual style is what makes this Favola Bella Shoes worth it for us both. I love not having to paint the same thing over and over again. It brings new challenges that I am always worried if I can complete. Sometimes because of my time and my busy life or sometimes just because I have never tried to paint or draw what they have asked for. I use to dislike painting flowers but I have done it a lot and now I know I can. I think my favorite is doing stuff like this though.

Birthday gift for CoCo:)

Zombie Swallows it is my friend!
The Start to a fancy pair of shoes

What a girl...

Getting tangled in my web is a good thing.


Love in dark places

Her list of things she wanted said:
zombie swallows, lighting bolts, and stars.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RAW BIO and Updates

Check out my Bio that was placed on the RAWriverside art web page:)
I can honestly say I am proud of my self!


Things went oh so well!

I got invited to another art show coming up too. I also have started classes at RCC hoping to further my talents and be able to show you what is really blooming in my heart and mind as an artist. I get frustrated that I am unable to show you depth, proportion, scale, and perspective.
I feel that my learning issues with numbers and processing has made it a little odd for me. I guess I just think or understand so differently. I can never seem to get the angle right or see the shades and highlights. sometimes I feel I see things backwards.

Anyway thanks for coming to check out my RAW BIO!
Hope you enjoyed the show if you got to go. I will keep you posted on any upcoming events!
I am thinking of talking to ART WORKS also. I feel like I have a nice complete series of my self portraits that are very moody and more about the darker side of my past.

I will be posting more shoes as I make them.
Also Check out my art blog if you have time:)
and I am going to be listing a prices for shoes soon.

have a great day

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pricing and New shoe photos

The show went well.
I was told my shoes were a little over priced as to where my art was under priced. Pricing is so hard. I think people don't realize how long it takes me to do a pair of shoes. anywhere from 4-7 hours. that is Not including the spraying for protection and all the planning out.
Also when I buy canvas heels they are normally $50 or more just to buy them. So the price really is for:

  • the shoe it self
  • the creative idea
  • the paint
  • the time doing the painting
  • the spray to protect them for years to come
I will work on doing my best to make these shoes at peoples ideal prices. 
keep in mind when they are custom we can talk about this. If I only paint some of the shoe and not the whole shoe that will drastically lower your price. 

I will be posting more picture soon...but here are a few that I finally got to make new portfolio photos of. 
If you haven't please check out my art and my portfolios for both on the sites.

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