What is Favola Bella?

Welcome to a world of wonderful creations!
This is where your shoes meet my imagination and become
One of a kind pieces of ART!
With your ideas and my paint brushes we can really make something new.
I love getting close to the people I work with on each shoe.
Some want a shoe that tells who they are and what they love.
Some have that overly loved old pair that are worn out and want to be brought back to life!
So they send me them and I paint some new life back into them and give them a face lift.
Upcycling shoes can be really fun and come out better than you could ever imagine.
Then I do baby shoes for baby shower gifts and keep sakes.
There are many ways to use this art form and make it your own.
Some give me full freedom on design and I just go for it.
I ask questions and get to know them a little to feel out what they would enjoy.
Others are very sure of what they want down to the colors and the design.
Either way this is an adventure that is just waiting for you to try it out!
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Enjoy and Love who you are!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ten is my new lucky number!

A Huge order just came strolling by my way!

We became friends kinda quickly.

Not only is it a big order but there is a dead line!

Take a breath...you might want to sit down for this...

There was a short love affair but I knew our time was short!
4 Weeks!
Thanks right people I have a huge goal! 10 pairs of shoes in 4 weeks!

I am so excited too...these shoes are for some very special and amazing people. They are in dance, some are theater geeks, one break dances, one is in love with Alice in wonderland, and then I heard about this girl that is so bright and so happy...were talking an explosion of rainbows, lollipops, and sunshine!

I get to do 2 pair of Dude Shoes!!!

So if you happen to know me on a personal level, You know that these shoes are going to be so fun for me. A wonderful heartfelt gift for a group of hard working kids that are pretty much adults now.
The great things is they are young at heart and have humor, intelligence, and talent to lead them into a new day!

So what I am sitting here looking at this huge pile of shoes! In my mind I keep hearing


So this is also a great adventure for those of you who joined my blog. If you haven't now would be the time. Because of the designs and the help I will be getting...
 There will be some funny stories, pictures, and much more coming out of this pile of shoes...

Other than me!

So please enter your e-mail at the top of the blog and sign up to join.
Comment anytime you like or just check the box below each blog post to let me know how you feel or what you think about the shoes.
Hope you liked my silly mood.
Till next time.

So much to think about....I guess I better sleep on it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Talent gets moved

I have to be honest here people.

I am a girl that gets excited to try new things, sometimes that means putting one project down and starting another.

What have I done in the past you might ask?
  1. stained glass
  2. needle felting
  3. sewing stuffed animals
  4. clay
  5. making magnets
  6. decoupage on light switch covers
  7. making clothes
  8. scrap booking
  9. cake decorating
  10. collage
  11. water color
  12. acrylic on wood
  13. pastel
Well the list gets kinda long...and some of the ones above became real jobs for me...or I only did them once and promised my self never to do them again. haha ;)

Don't worry I am still doing shoes and have time and space if your interested in placing an order.

I just have been using this free time to try out some new things. In an artists life I feel that you need to expand your mind and try new things. When you do it opens up new inspirations and also you get ideas you might not have ever thought of before.

So I bought some assorted wood squares on Etsy not to long ago and had no idea what to do with them. All I knew was that it was a good price!
Then I started to paint on one...hummm..I thought to myself.


Now that is what I have been doing all this time.

But how does this have anything to do with my shoes?

Well it gives me the time and freedom to paint things I want. Which in the long run means I am coming up with new images and ideas that could become a pair of shoes!

Also I now have some great Earrings to match my custom shoes!

Like these awesome cats! I see them curling up on some sexy red heels!
Or maybe even adorning some crazy converse boots!

Ahhh...Bring me some orders and lets make some magic happen!

Thanks for your support.
Have a great week.

Questions? Wanna order? E-mail me!

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