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I love getting close to the people I work with on each shoe.
Some want a shoe that tells who they are and what they love.
Some have that overly loved old pair that are worn out and want to be brought back to life!
So they send me them and I paint some new life back into them and give them a face lift.
Upcycling shoes can be really fun and come out better than you could ever imagine.
Then I do baby shoes for baby shower gifts and keep sakes.
There are many ways to use this art form and make it your own.
Some give me full freedom on design and I just go for it.
I ask questions and get to know them a little to feel out what they would enjoy.
Others are very sure of what they want down to the colors and the design.
Either way this is an adventure that is just waiting for you to try it out!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Silly and The Stylish

So here we are...
Now I have 4 pairs done and one in the works.
Almost all of the shoes have the base paint on them too. I am so excited about all of them. Some of the themes have changed since the start and I am okay with that. It's good to make sure they are shoes you would really like to wear. My styles are always changing. Some times I look at the all the shoes I have done and it feels like 3 different artists. :)

So The Silly has been finished. This pair turned out so colorful and fun I really like them a lot. I do have to admit though...these took a long time and a lot of small detail.
So Gag me with Sunshine was not an understatement!

Oh yeah! Buttloads of color! That's right I said Buttloads ;)
Just for you Jenessa!
(she will be the proud owner of 10 pair of shoes that she will give away to all her friends!)

Lets all hope that Hannah will love this sweet happy pair of shoes to match how sweet and happy she is.

All the shoes for this project will be added to my portfolio. I will take really nice clear photos with our real camera. These photos are with my phone.

Well then we go for a totally new type of shoe...The Stylish!
A fashion forward girly chick with a love for PINK! I struggled with this pair for a while. I even ended up painting over part of it and re-designing it. I NEVER do that...but I was very unhappy with what it was turning out like. Some pairs I see them finished in my head...like the break dancer shoes. These I had this idea but nothing I wanted was working so they became their own and this is the result of a shoe running the fashion style!

These are the first I have splattered. The girl in black standing with the shoes was where I had to make some changes. I really love the quote though... I was told by the person who has ordered all these shoes that she was a little worried they weren't pink enough! I guess they might have been all hot pink with white details?!?
I do like the scroll work.

Then I added the top fashion places: London, Milan, Pairs, and New York.
Along with some top fashion logos.

A tiny part of me is still unsure on this pair....It was so not what was in my head. Some shoes I just love right away...others end up growing on me.

I am working on the Zany Zaryn Masquerade!
This is a pair for a open minded fun loving sparkly cheerleader.
She is very strong and knows what she wants! colors that she loves are purple and teal!


I LOVE these purple diamonds!

The mask with the stripes looks like a bra with horns!! so I will go in and make eye holes so it looks more like a mask. haha...

OOOOh a wash of envy!

I am really into do the free hand swirl scroll stuff right now for some reason?!

What's next you might be asking?!?!

Well let see:
  1. An Alice in Wonderland
  2. A Beach sunset with surfer dude
  3. Goofy Theater Geek Drama Queen
  4. Artsy Fartsy Leader Little Sister
  5. Life of The Party Comic Dori
  6. The Sweet Inspirational Peace Lover
Due to people changing their minds some themes may vary during the next few weeks.

Plus JENESSA's pair at the end of this.
SO this is now...12 shoes!

See you soon :)
Have a great day!

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