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Welcome to a world of wonderful creations!
This is where your shoes meet my imagination and become
One of a kind pieces of ART!
With your ideas and my paint brushes we can really make something new.
I love getting close to the people I work with on each shoe.
Some want a shoe that tells who they are and what they love.
Some have that overly loved old pair that are worn out and want to be brought back to life!
So they send me them and I paint some new life back into them and give them a face lift.
Upcycling shoes can be really fun and come out better than you could ever imagine.
Then I do baby shoes for baby shower gifts and keep sakes.
There are many ways to use this art form and make it your own.
Some give me full freedom on design and I just go for it.
I ask questions and get to know them a little to feel out what they would enjoy.
Others are very sure of what they want down to the colors and the design.
Either way this is an adventure that is just waiting for you to try it out!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 Pairs down and 2 almost done.

The start of the second shoe...and the end of the 1st pair of shoes!!!
Lets kick this up a bit!

I Love this design!

Added the break dance name B Boy Statix!

Super excited about this pair. I will be sad to part with these!

The pair that just spoke to me and SCREAMED to be done!

Shoe #3 Sweet Peas Flower
These shoes are for a sweet, soft, and pretty little lady. These may seem simple but I feel they speak volumes with a whisper.

A beautiful blend of light blue, soft purple, and a crisp green.
(you can't really see the color from my studio light and the camera phone)

Start off the pretty set with puffy yellow flower center.

At last I start to feel like it is making sense.

And...Yes this is it! BAM!

The other 2 are the Sunshine ones and the Fashion forward girly ones...
Coming soon!


One & Two...AND One & Two...

Alright so the real fun has started!!
Design and painting the shoes to become ART!

Shoe #1: Break Dancers Vibe

These shoes are a wonderful roomy size 12 in men's!
I am so excited to prove that I can paint shoes guys would wear too! The coolest part is that they have so much room on the front compared to a tiny baby shoe. This makes my imagination go a little wild.
This guy is an amazing super fun break dancer! I hear he has got the moves.
His dance name is
B-Boy Statix.
He really loves Red and Black...also a touch of green. So in my mind I already have a clear picture of what I am going for in this pair. I have only started the one shoe...the other one is going to be a little more work.

So far:

A little boom box and sound wave action!

The music is oozing from this sweet kick!

Some odd design/symbol that I just did.

So I think they look pretty bad ass so far. I am kind proud. Sometimes at this point in the shoe process I am really freaked out and unsure. These shoes speak to me...I knew some people who use to dance like that and I think they would be (dare I say it) Impressed!
The other half of this pair will be worked on today. Doing a break dancer Silhouette on the toe with some more sick music drips and sound waves.

Shoe #2: Gag me with Sunshine!

Talk about opposites! This next pair is for a girl that is as I have been told one of the SWEETEST most ADORABLE happy and GIGGLY girls on the planet! Woo Hooo! Were talking Rainbows, Sunshine, and Lollipops!
So ...that's what I did! She likes cute and cartoon type things. Favorite colors are the ultimate choice of
So this little adventure reminds me of little happy face monsters and crazy laughter with a wonderful Gagging amount of SUNSHINE!

So far:

These needed to be thought out and sketched before hand...unlike the sound blasted break dancer shoes.

 I couldn't help it...I just had to put some Gum Drop people on there!!!
What isn't more cheerful that a Gum Drop person with balloons!?!
Just a little reminder of love XOXO

Ahh..Color you want?!?
Well Fine! Color you shall get!!!

Just the start of this rainbow fest!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Step one: Kill the Jar!

Okay so this is a very different order I am doing.
It is super fun because I get to teach/paint with the person who wants to order done. The best part is she is really really funny!
Step one: Get white paint open!
I knew what was going to happen...because of the simple fact that every time I go to paint shoe I have to sit and try to open the stupid container! I fight with it every time. Pulling, twisting, slamming, throwing even!!!
It is the first step and really the most annoying of them all! So I handed this job over to my new helper!

I ended up telling her my secret of having to sit down and grab the jar with your feet while you twist as hard as you can on the lid.
She pulled and pulled and laughed and I am pretty sure she even snorted like a pig at one point. It was pretty amazing. Next time I will get a video of this event.
But then! ...It happened!
POP! she opened it and I saw the look of happiness that my 9 month old has every time she stands up on her own and falls down on her butt. I missed that photo too.

So step one of open the jar of paint was a tough but really funny thing. Now we are painting the shoes the base white. 5 pairs down and 5 to go!

Gotta love the faces she makes.

It's nice to work with the customer! 
 now I have got a picture of the way I want one of the pairs of shoes and another is drawn out.
I will add pictures tonight of them.

1st pair:
Break Dancers Vibe

2nd pair:
Gag Me With Sunshine!

Check back soon!

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