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Welcome to a world of wonderful creations!
This is where your shoes meet my imagination and become
One of a kind pieces of ART!
With your ideas and my paint brushes we can really make something new.
I love getting close to the people I work with on each shoe.
Some want a shoe that tells who they are and what they love.
Some have that overly loved old pair that are worn out and want to be brought back to life!
So they send me them and I paint some new life back into them and give them a face lift.
Upcycling shoes can be really fun and come out better than you could ever imagine.
Then I do baby shoes for baby shower gifts and keep sakes.
There are many ways to use this art form and make it your own.
Some give me full freedom on design and I just go for it.
I ask questions and get to know them a little to feel out what they would enjoy.
Others are very sure of what they want down to the colors and the design.
Either way this is an adventure that is just waiting for you to try it out!
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Enjoy and Love who you are!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Choo Choo...

Choo Choo! Choo Choo Chooooo!!!

I am excited that another pair has found it's way. I hope that they are what they should be.
There is always a moment of ...ummm..." are these to colorful? to dorky? oh what if they don't like them?!"
But you learn to just go with your heart and kiss them goodbye.
I always love to hear back from the customer. I also love to get happy pictures of the feet in the shoes! I don't even need a face just some legs and little happy shoes!

So here are some photo's of before:
I did a little sketch just to feel out the idea in my head.

They are so small and cute! Vans too!

So after staring and thinking and looking up some inspiration I just dipped my paint brush into some color and started. Here are some in progress shots:
The very first thing I painted...

Then I started to think...now what?

Yes...tracks and crossing sign...that works right? giggle

Well all in all they are done besides the spray to protect them...that's Bryan's job ;)
These pictures are as close to done as I will show right now:
I did add some trees

This one is all done!

This side was finished with the top band in yellow. As seen bellow


The yellow is missing in this picture.

So in the end I had a blast! I hope Connor, Mommy, and Daddy like them.
After they are sprayed and I do a real photo shoot with them...I will post the good shots for you all to see.
Who knows what's next!?!?

Wanna pair?


Monday, April 4, 2011

My Inner Child is Showing ME!

These shoes are Turing out to become something way more me than I would have thought! It will be hard to sell these shoes! I started out just doing a "Once Upon A Time" thing...but really they are the essence of who I was as a child! I loved these stories and these shoes are so my inner child showing. Maybe I will just keep them. They are taking a lot of time too! There is something magical about these shoes!

This is just the one shoe.

The other one is starting with the top front having little red ridding hood and that is all I know so far.
These shoes and all the shoes I do have a mind of their own! I just pick up the brush and start dipping into the colors and it just happens. I never know what I am doing until it is done and then there they are like art on your feet!

These are my soft spot for sure...
Should I save these for my little girl Lily?
They are a size 9 in girls...haha she is only 8 months old!

What do I do!!!
Maybe keep them as samples to show off and when she is old enough let her have them?

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